Hakuba Norikura Onsen Ski Area



Snow Drop

"Snowdrop" is a restaurant operated by Denbei Suisan, which operates a seafood processing industry and several restaurants in Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture, only 30 km from the ski resort, and Nosui Shoten, which was established to manufacture and sell products developed at Niigata Prefectural Kaiyo High School and to support vocational education for high school students. The restaurant is operated by Denbei Suisan and Nosui Shoten.

In addition to a menu richly featuring ingredients from the Sea of Japan, such as "Kamburi-don (cold yellowtail bowl)," "Zuwai Gani Curry," and "Amaebi Kakiage Udon (fried udon noodles with sweet shrimp)," the restaurant also offers unique food items such as "Gottsan Curry" and "Gottsan Ramen,"
developed by Kaiyo High School, which has produced several sumo wrestlers and is famous for its sumo wrestling club. Specialty foods can be enjoyed at the restaurant.
A "Kanburi (cold yellowtail) dismantling show" is also held on an irregular basis.


A small restaurant located in the Satomi Center Area.
Like Snowdrop, advance lift tickets and internet coupons can be used here.

Petit Hotel Baku

Pension Andes



Rental Corner in Hakuba Alps Hotel

Located In the hotel, next to the locker room with immediate access to the slopes.
Goggles, gloves, and accessories are also sold here.

Rental Charges

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The standard model is not available at Hakuba Norikura Onsen Ski Resort.


Ski resort offers natural hot spring (Wakaguri onsen), and visitors can enjoy the relaxing bath in two facilities, located in Hakuba Alps Hotel and Norikuraso.
Brown water consists of hydrogencarbonate spring, and offers many health benefits.

Quality of onsen water

Sodium hydrogen carbonate spring (neutral hypotonic spring)

Source temperature


Effects of onsen bath

Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis and joint stiffness, bruise, sprains, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, illness recovery, fatigue recovery, health promotion and cuts, burns, chronic dermatitis

Indications of drinking

Chronic digestive disease, diabetes, gout, liver disease

Hakuba Alps Hotel

The bathing facility offers spacious indoor bath is built of granite, refreshing sauna with the aroma of wood, and outdoor bath made with natural stone.

Business hours

10:00-21:00 (Reception until 20:00)


Adult \1000, Child \700


It is a hot spring for visitors available all season.

Business hours

9:00-19:00 (Reception until 18:00)


Adult \700, Child \600